Insight Software offers numerous features including appointment booking, client and staff management, inventory tracking, marketing tools, and payment integration. Insight makes it simple to get started and is even easier to use.

Below we’ve provided a list of our most frequently asked questions. Click on the question to get your answer. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.

Professional support includes 1 hour of training. Premium support includes up to 8 hours of training as well as setup consultation and business development coaching. If you have Premium support, we make our experts available to you to assist in getting Insight set up exactly the way you need it in order for your business to run most efficiently. Our team is also available to work with you to develop marketing programs and “best practices” for ensuring higher client retention and to maximize your profit potential. (Both support plans include unlimited customer support for the term of the contract.)

Insight Salon & Spa Software offers you a choice between installing the software on your computer or accessing Insight from the cloud (computing that uses the internet as a central resource in order to allow you to access your information from any web-enabled device* at any time and in any place). It doesn’t matter which platform of Insight you choose, both will work the same and have identical features available to them. Both platforms allow you to access the information from web-enabled devices over the internet but there are some key differences. Read more.

The entire process usually takes about 10-15 minutes. Just call our sales team and let them know you want to switch and they will set up the rest. Our support department will schedule a time with you to do the switchover and ensure that everything is working exactly as it should be. We do all the work.

Exceeding the number of employees available in the user version your originally purchase is a sure sign that Insight is helping you succeed. If you are using the Insight Cloud, just move up to the next price level and your monthly charge will change for your next payment. If you have the installed version of Insight, you can add single employees at a time to keep costs down or pay the difference between the version you have and the next one up. Contact our sales team for details and payment terms.

If you want to use the Insight Cloud service then yes. If you are using the installed version of Insight then you don’t need internet at the business but it is highly recommended. Internet access will allow you to process credit card payments, provide online booking for your clients, access apps for your smartphones and tablets, do online backups, have remote access to your data and regularly update your Insight software. It also makes customer support simpler as our reps can attach to your computer to provide training and solve any problems you may be having much quicker.

Insight’s management platform is being utilized by Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Tanning Salons, Barber Shops, Day Spas, Medi-Spas, Tattoo Studios, Body Piercing Studios, Pet Services (daycare’s, training, grooming, and veterinary clinics), schools, and retail stores. If you are looking for a customized software solution for your business, please feel free to contact us.

No…unlike many of our competitors, we do not force you to process your credit card charges through our software. Insight does integrate with many different processors so we have the advantage of being able to get you the best rates and save you thousands of dollars each year in processing fees. If you are already getting the best rate, you may still be able to keep your current processor while still integrating with Insight. We provide you with flexible choices so you can make the best decision for your business.

Yes, Insight is fully compatible with touch screen monitors. It is important to note that using a touch screen with Insight does not replace the need to have a keyboard attached to your computer (although technically you wouldn’t need a mouse anymore). You will still need a keyboard to type things like client names and addresses. Again, the touch screens make areas of Insight like Sales and Appointments easier to use, it does not remove the need for a keyboard.

In most cases, we can get Insight to work with hardware that you were using with a competitors software program. There are some cases however, when dealing with very old or unsupported equipment where we simply cannot get it working as it should be. If you have already purchased POS equipment and would like to purchase Insight, please notify your sales representative and they will have a hardware specialist contact you to make every effort to verify that your existing equipment will work with Insight before you make a final purchasing decision.

The short answer to this question is “yes” but in general we don’t recommend it. If you purchase your POS hardware from us, we fully support all items, even to the point of paying your shipping costs if you ever need to send it back for service and providing temporary replacements while your equipment is being repaired. You may find a website out there willing to sell you equipment for a few dollars less but you will be on your own if anything goes wrong.

Yes, with Insight’s Online Backup feature your data will be backed up automatically and stored safely off-site, protecting you from disasters such as fires, floods, storms, natural disasters, theft, computer failure, and data corruption. For extra protection, your data is encrypted. Everything gets backed up including your past and future appointments; client contact information and history records; employee data and payroll runs; product inventory data; and sales and performance reports. Keep reading.

Counting inventory can be a pain. From tracking products to ordering and receiving more inventory, Insight is your friend! The software keeps a count on how many items are in stock and how many have been ordered. Insight can even build a purchase order for you when you are running low on retail or professional supplies. After reviewing it, you can submit the purchase order right through Insight. When you receive the items, just let Insight know and the inventory counts will be automatically adjusted. It will even ask if you want to print barcodes or price labels for your new arrivals!