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Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

Book appointments and resources in seconds. It only takes a quick glance at the organized yet simple screen to understand your schedule.

  • Reserve service rooms and resources automatically
  • Confirm appointments with automated text messages (SMS) and emails
  • Customize settings for your specific needs
Staff Management

Staff Management

Track sales and performance. Develop your employees for greater morale and retention.

  • Store contact and employment details
  • Set up and maintain flexible, rotating work schedules
  • Restrict data access with passwords and administrative controls
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Easily track and order retail and professional products. Increase profit by selling more products.

  • Create sales by setting prices with start and end dates
  • Analyze inventory levels automatically and order all required products in seconds
  • Track partial use of an item (e.g. ¼ tube of color)
Tanning Management

Tanning Management

Run your tanning business with ease. Reduce worry as Insight will notify you when beds require cleaning or bulbs need to be changed.

  • Manage your beds with T-Max Timer
  • Book tanning services in as little as 1 minute increments
  • Redeem active tanning packages kept in the client’s file automatically
Customer Support

Customer Support

You are not alone. Insight is proud to have a highly regarded customer support team for over 24 years.

  • Dedicated, friendly, and experienced support staff
  • Unlimited toll-free phone support and free software updates on Cloud (1 year for Installed)
  • Flexible options for renewing support contracts
Installed or Cloud Version

Installed or Cloud Version

Can’t decide between the “Cloud” or “Installed” versions of Insight?

We are sensitive to the changing needs of businesses. That’s why Insight is the only full-featured software that comes in two flavors: Installed and Cloud. We even give you the flexibility of switching from one to the other in minutes with no information lost.

Nobody else can offer you that flexibility!

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Communicate your message effectively to your client groups. Boost bookings while freeing up your time and reducing no-shows.

  • Track birthdays, anniversaries, last-in dates, referral sources, and more
  • Create and manage automated text message (SMS) and email campaigns
  • Receive timely marketing tips and industry trends through our blogs and newsletters


Run over 80 distinct reports and graphs. Grow your business by identifying trends, strengths, and areas of improvement.

  • Sales & Appointments
  • Clients & Employees
  • Inventory & Services
  • Statistical & Management
Client Management

Client Management

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers. Treat them well and they’ll bring you more business.

  • Record client formulas, preferences, and other notes
  • Track product, service and appointment history
  • Reward and track loyalty points

Fun Stuff

Have some fun with Insight by choosing different themes. Select your favorite color scheme or pick a holiday or seasonal design. Themes include Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Spring, Winter, and more.

Data Conversion

Data Conversion

Over 50% of our new clients are switching to Insight from another software. Data preservation and conversion is often a concern when considering the switch from a different, outdated system. Your Insight migration team will provide:

  • Preliminary data and information analysis
  • Free (no obligation) quote before starting
  • Data cleanup and standardization
puzzle piece add ons Insight Software Features


Insight offers advanced tools to further improve your salon or spa’s efficiency and the client’s experience.

  • Online Appointment Booking and Backups
  • Credit Card and QuickBooks Integration
  • Remote Access and Text Messaging
  • Mobile Applications and Gift Cards
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Point of Sale

Complete transactions quickly & accurately. Save time by creating invoices straight from the appointment book and with automatic updates to client history and product inventory.

  • Utilize barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers
  • Accept multiple payment methods on one invoice
  • Track discounts, edits, voids and cancelled sales
Services Management

Services Management

Optimize sales revenues with services and packages. Pricing grids allow you to determine how much to charge based on employee skill and experience.

  • Organize services by department and category
  • Determine which employees are qualified to perform a particular service
  • Track professional products and color codes for each service


Run payroll instantly and without any effort. Save time and take away the stress.

  • Calculate taxes and other deductions automatically
  • Track employee hours with a built-in time clock
  • Works for all payroll types: hourly, salary & commission-based
Getting Started

Getting Started

The same user-friendliness you’ll enjoy within Insight is seen in the installation and integration process. Our dedicated implementation team will be with you every step of the way to make your transition to Insight as smooth as possible. You will immediately start to see your business running smoother, with enhanced efficiency.

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If you are looking for customization for your business (beauty industry or not), contact us today to discuss how we can customize our software to fit your short and long-term business needs. We have customized our software for: daycares, dog groomers, retail shops, tattoo parlors, video rental stores, and more.

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