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Sell more products, increase client loyalty and earn extra income by joining Insight’s Referral Program!

Do you know a business that could benefit from Insight Salon & Spa Software? Join our Referral Program and receive 25% commission from every sale.

The Insight Referral Program is simple, requires very little effort on your part and offers you substantial financial benefits. You don’t need to sell anything…just pass on interested clients, and we will connect with them.

Why Join Insight’s Referral Program?

  • Earn Extra Income – Receive 25% commission off of every sale.
  • Increase Sales – Insight Software will help your clients save time, make more money and sell more products. Your clients would then purchase more products from you.
  • Increase Client Loyalty – Your clients will see the difference in the way they manage their business with Insight Software. The more products you can offer to your clients to be successful, the more products they will purchase from you.
  • Promote your product offerings –  Insight has thousands of clients worldwide, by partnering with Insight we will promote your company and products to our clients.

Purpose of the Referral Program

In today’s competitive market, expanding the range of products that you offer to your clients is a simple way to generate increased revenues. We have focused on providing essential business software to salons, day spas, tanning & medi-spas since 1991. We will work with you to provide your clients (and your potential new clients) with powerful, affordable solutions that will meet their needs today and for years to come. The Insight Referral Program is simple, requires very little effort on your part, and offers you substantial financial benefits. Discover the potential to increase your revenues by partnering with Insight Software.

The best way to find new leads is through people that have contact with salon and spa owners every day, which is you. The Insight Referral Program is designed to be a win‐win partnership between your organization and ours. In order for this to be a benefit to you, we designed the program to be simple to understand and require very little effort on your part while offering a substantial financial incentive.

We are not asking you to sell Insight Software or to even try to learn all of the features and benefits and pass that information on to all your clients. All that is required of you to make this partnership successful is to send us good quality leads of clients who are interested in implementing Insight Software in their business. Our professional sales staff will promptly contact any new lead we receive from you and will walk them through the entire process. From the initial contact through to the close of the sale, our experienced sales team will do all the work.

Great Commission Structure

To keep the program as simple as possible, the commission you will receive for each sale will be 25% of the total profit.

For more information please contact Eric at 1-800-805-4532 ext. 302 or email

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