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3 Benefits of Management Software

April 5, 2016

Are you still using a pen-and-paper appointment book at your business? Insight Salon & Spa Software will help you achieve greater efficiency, increased profitability, and a sense of security. Best of all, Insight is customizable to work the way you want and is easy to use!


Manage your business with Insight! Save time with your appointment scheduling, client and staff management, inventory, invoicing, payment processing, and more. Here are a few ways to start running your business more efficiently:

– Stay organized with a color-coded appointment book. Easily identify openings or move appointments when clients call to schedule or postpone appointments.

– Allow clients to book online at any time and from anywhere. Further, forget leaving voicemails or playing phone tag; automatically email or text customers to confirm appointments.

– Quickly search for information. Within a second of getting a client’s name, you can retrieve their service and purchase history, view photos of their past hairstyles, or update their contact information. You don’t have to flip through pages of appointments to try and find color formulas or other notes.

– Get access to instant reports. Data is compiled from areas including your appointment calendar, sales transactions, and client details to give you an in-depth look at your business. No need to manually input numbers or to try figuring out complex spreadsheets.

– Automatically calculate payroll. With wages and commissions to add up plus federal, state, and medicare taxes to deduct, doing payroll manually can take up a lot of time. If errors are made, employees complain and their frustration may carry over in the way they treat clients. However with Insight, the hours worked, commissions, and tips are added up and the tax formulas are accurate and current. Payroll is calculated instantly for all of your staff, so you have a couple extra hours for yourself.


Take your salon marketing to the next level! Insight gives you the tools to:

record client details,

segment customers based on demographics (e.g. gender, birthday) or on behavior (e.g. last visit, service history),

– tailor your message towards them,

– and send it out to your audience via email or text message.

Beyond your marketing campaigns, you can also automate messages to win back clients who haven’t visited recently or to wish customers a happy birthday.

Further, you can increase retail sales with Insight notifications! Remind staff to promote products relevant to the service provided or based on the client’s prior purchases. Insight will track your inventory as well. When running low on products, Insight will even build your purchase orders for you. Just review it and click to submit to your vendor.

Of course, sales is just one factor of earning profit. Insight has the ability to help you understand and manage your costs as well. Run reports to determine which clients are not showing up for appointments and causing you to lose revenue, to optimize employee utilization by scheduling more staff at high demand times and fewer staff at slower times, or to discover product discrepancies.


Using a spa or salon management software program will help safeguard your business. Your appointment schedule, client information, inventory count, and sales history is valuable. Keep your data safe by backing it up automatically or by storing it on the cloud. No need to worry about spilling coffee on the appointment book or about misplacing it from time to time. For those who prefer not having information online, Insight also offers an Installed version where the data is stored locally.

Some businesses are worried about data being stolen or modified by disgruntled or departing employees. This is not an issue with Insight as salon managers and owners have the ability to assign a password for each employee and to determine who gets access to each area of the software. Now you can delegate tasks without losing any control.

Insight Management Software

Insight Software provides a secure way to improve your efficiency and to increase profits. While there is a cost to purchasing or renting management software, the investment quickly pays off with extra appointments, additional retail sales, and more time for yourself! Give us a call to learn more: 1-888-919-5841.

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