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8 Traits of Successful Salon Owners

Improving the Salon Customer Experience

How to Improve the Salon Customer Experience

Tips for Managing Salon & Spa Reviews

Top Tips for Managing Salon & Spa Reviews

Salon & Spa Employee Productivity

Increase Your Salon Team’s Productivity

Back to College Season for Salons and Spas

Salon & Spa Marketing for Back to School

Email Marketing for Salons & Spas

Creating an Email Campaign in 6 Steps

Investing Strategically

7 Ways to Reduce Salon & Spa Costs

12 Best Practices for Texting Your Clients

Insight Team - Head Office Picture Canada

Insight’s Dedication to Our Clients

Salon & Spa Promotions

5 Ways to Promote Your Salon Services

Father's Day Marketing Ideas

4 Father’s Day Marketing Tips for Salons & Spas

Salon Hairstylist

Employee Management: Hiring for Salon Success

Hair Salon Bridal Packages

Grow Your Hair Salon This Wedding Season

Insight Software Advantage

How Insight Gives Your Salon an Advantage

How to Write Salon Job Postings

How to Write a Job Description in 5 Simple Steps

Insight Marketing Feature

Mother’s Day Marketing Tips and Images

Reducing the Stress of Owning a Salon and Spa

6 Work-Life Balance Tips for Salon Owners

How to Design Your Salon’s Loyalty Program

Finding The Best Salon Management Software

3 Questions Every Salon Owner Needs to Ask

Mother's Day Marketing for Salons & Spas

Growing Your Salon Clientele on Mother’s Day

Marketing Trends for the Salon Industry

Marketing & Technology Trends for the Salon Industry

Loyalty Program for Salons & Spas

Why Your Salon Needs a Loyalty Program

4 Steps to Creating a Great Salon Culture

Salons & the Super Bowl: Building Your Brand

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Salon Software

Valentine's Day Marketing for Salons & Spas

Valentine’s Day Marketing for Salons & Spas

30 Resolutions for Salon & Spa Owners

Salon & Spa Activities in January

6 Salon & Spa Projects for the New Year

Value and Cost of Salon Management Software

The True Cost of Salon Management Software

Customer Retention after Raising Salon Prices

7 Tips for Retaining Clients after a Price Increase

Why Book Appointments Online?

Why Salons Need Online Appointment Scheduling

December Deals to Increase January Bookings

4 Christmas Specials to Increase January Sales

Salon Employee Performance Appraisal

Performance Reviews for Salon Employees

Insight Online Scheduling and Mobile App Update

Insight Updates – October 2016

Gift Cards for Salons and Spas

4 Salon Gift Card Promotions to Boost Sales

How to Make a Lasting Impression

Credit Card Processing

Is Your Salon a Target of Credit Card Fraud?

Tips for Salon Branding

Tips for Building Your Salon Brand

The Top 3 Reasons for Insight Management Software

The Top 3 Reasons for Insight Software

Salon & Spa Payroll Software

Step-by-Step Guide to Salon Payroll

6 Tips to Rebook More Salon Clients

EMV Credit Card Processing

Chip-and-Pin Credit Card Transactions

Salon Employee Interview Guide

Interview Guide for Salon Owners

Salon Inventory Control

Manage Salon & Spa Inventory Efficiently

Retaining Spa & Salon Clients

Customer Retention Strategies to Increase Profit

10 Tips to Reduce Stress as a Salon & Spa Owner

9 Stress Reducing Tips for Business Owners

4 Essential Reports for Salon & Spa Success

Establish Competitive Advantage

Strategic Planning for Salons & Spas

Building a Male Client Base

Building Your Salon’s Male Clientele

Grow Your Business with SMS

Grow Your Business with Text Messages

Appointment Scheduling Calendar

Optimizing Your Appointment Schedule

Recruiting a Loyal Salon & Spa Team

Recruiting and Retaining a Loyal Salon Team

Creating and Promoting Memberships

6 Steps for Launching a Membership Program

appointment schedule pen and paper

3 Benefits of Management Software

Salon and Spa Phone Policies

Salon and Spa Cellphone Policies

Mother's Day Special Offers

5 Ideas for Mother’s Day Specials

Benefits of Selling Membership

7 Considerations Before Selling Memberships

Barbershop Owner

6 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader

Introducing Insight Memberships

Introducing Insight Memberships

Local Marketing Ideas

Creative Marketing Ideas for Salons & Spas

The Right Salon and Spa Software

Selecting the Best Salon Software

Marketing Ideas for Valentine's Day

9 Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Reducing Energy Usage in Salons and Spas

Reducing Energy Costs in Salons and Spas

Staff Management Tips

New Year’s Resolutions: Staff Management

Salon & Spa Growth

New Year’s Resolutions: Salon & Spa Growth

Business Efficiency Tips

New Year’s Resolutions: Business Efficiency

Salon Retailing, Spa POS Software

The Secret to Successful Retailing

Showing Appreciation to Salon Employees

7 Ideas to Appreciate Your Employees

Insight Online Backup to manage salon

Is Your Salon or Spa Protected?

Salon and Spa Point of Sale

Retailing and Inventory Management with Insight

Insight's Tips for Managing Staff Vacation Requests

Managing Employee Vacation Requests

Insight Text Messaging

Increase Sales with Text Messages

Insight appointment book Pumpkin Theme

Changing Themes with Insight Software

Series of Services

Client Loyalty: Series of Services

Insight Gift Cards

5 Ways to Increase Gift Card Sales


Switching to Insight Software Made Easy

Cross Promoting Your Salon or Spa

Insight Gift Cards

4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Gift Cards

Insight Software - Save Time, Make Money

Save Time & Make Money with Insight

Standing Appointments with Insight Software

Back to School: New Year, New Routine

Marketing Tips for Back to School

Marketing Tips for Back to School

SMS Confirmations

SMS Marketing and Confirmations

Insight Software Cloud Access anywhere anytime

Top 3 Advantages of Insight on the Cloud

Insight Software Installed or Cloud Version

Cloud or Installed – It’s Your Choice

Salon and Spa Marketing Tips

5 Marketing Tips for Your Salon or Spa