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Both the Cloud and Installed solutions include these Insight management tools:

Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

Book appointments and resources in seconds. It only takes a quick glance at the organized yet simple screen to understand your schedule.

  • Reserve service rooms and resources automatically
  • Confirm appointments with automated text messages (SMS) and emails
  • Customize settings for your specific needs
Services Management

Services Management

Optimize sales revenues with services and packages. Pricing grids allow you to charge based on employee skill and experience.

  • Organize services by department and category
  • Determine which employees are qualified to perform a particular service
  • Track professional products and color codes for each service
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Easily track and order retail and professional products. Increase profit by selling more products.

  • Create sales by setting prices with start and end dates
  • Analyze inventory levels automatically and order all required products in seconds
  • Track partial use of an item (e.g. ¼ tube of color)
Tanning Management

Tanning Management

Run your tanning business with ease. Reduce worry as Insight will notify you when beds require cleaning or bulbs need to be changed.

  • Manage your beds with T-Max Timer
  • Book tanning services in as little as 1 minute increments
  • Redeem active tanning packages kept in the client’s file automatically
  • More
Client Management

Client Management

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers. Treat them well and they’ll bring you more business.

  • Record client formulas, preferences, and other notes
  • Track product, service and appointment history
  • Reward and track loyalty points


Communicate your message effectively to your client groups. Boost bookings while freeing up your time and reducing no-shows.

  • Track birthdays, anniversaries, last-in dates, referral sources, and more
  • Create and manage automated text message (SMS) and email campaigns
  • Receive timely marketing tips and industry trends through our blogs and newsletters

Point of Sale

Complete transactions quickly & accurately. Create invoices from the appointment book and automatically update client history and product inventory.

  • Utilize barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers
  • Accept multiple payment methods on one invoice
  • Track discounts, edits, voids and cancelled sales

Fun Stuff

Have some fun with Insight by choosing different themes. Select your favorite color scheme or pick a holiday or seasonal design. Themes include Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Spring, Winter, and more.

Staff Management

Staff Management

Track sales and performance. Develop your employees for greater morale and retention.

  • Store contact and employment details
  • Set up and maintain flexible, rotating work schedules
  • Determine service eligibility
  • Restrict data access with passwords and administrative controls


Run payroll instantly and without any effort. Save time and take away the stress.

  • Calculate taxes and other deductions automatically
  • Track employee hours with a built-in time clock
  • Works for all payroll types: hourly, salary & commission-based


Run over 80 distinct reports and graphs. Grow your business by identifying trends, strengths, and areas of improvement.

  • Sales & Appointments
  • Clients & Employees
  • Inventory & Services
  • Statistical & Management
Mobile Apps, Online Booking and More Insight Add-Ons


Insight offers advanced tools to further improve your salon or spa’s efficiency and the client’s experience.

  • Online Appointment Booking and Backups
  • Credit Card Processing and QuickBooks Integration
  • Mobile Applications and Remote Access
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Memberships
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Your business is unique, so you need a software designed to help reach your specific goals…your way. Tell us about the challenges your business faces and if Insight doesn’t already resolve it, we may be able to develop a custom solution for you. We have customized our software for dog groomers, retail shops, tattoo parlors, video rental stores, and more.

Speak to our sales team to learn more: 1-888-919-5841.

Insight’s advanced features can take your business to the next level of success.

cloudOnline Appointment Booking

(Included with Insight on the Cloud)

Improve client experience and fill up your schedule with a live, real-time online scheduling system. Once the appointment request is submitted, it is automatically entered into your appointment book.

  • Allow clients to book directly from any device whenever they want
  • Control which clients, services and employees can be booked online
  • Eliminate the need to step away from clients to answer the phone

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cloudRemote Access

(Included with Insight on the Cloud)

    Running a business does not mean you always have to be there. Manage your salon or spa from anywhere without any interruption to staff logged in from the business. Access your appointment book, employee schedules, inventory counts, sales data, and everything else.
  • Unchain yourself from the front desk
  • Access updated sales data, schedules, etc.
  • Easily print reports & allow your accountant to log-in

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cloudOnline Backups

(Included with Insight on the Cloud)

Protect your business from fires, floods, thefts, or any other disasters. Prevent data loss and corruption with regular, automatic backups to an off-site location. Once it is set up, you can have the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

  • Save all data including appointments, client and employee information, financial records, and more
  • Set it and forget it – backup will run automatically
  • Encrypt and secure in a world-class data center

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Insight Membership Module


Create, sell, and manage membership plans to promote ongoing client loyalty and recurring revenue! Stay in control with the power and flexibility of Insight Memberships!

  • Set plan duration’s from one month to ongoing (until cancelled)
  • Select benefits including free services, purchase credits, and/or discounts
  • Sell multi-client or family memberships with tiered pricing and separate or shared benefits
  • Accept upfront payment or set up a recurring billing cycle
  • Restrict redemption usage

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SMS Text Messaging

Nurture client relationships with true SMS text messaging. Send a short and quick message to reduce no shows and increase rebookings! Increase customer loyalty by showing you care.

  • Reach your clients effectively with a 98% open rate
  • Confirm appointments and offer special deals
  • Show your appreciation and get feedback with an appointment follow up
  • Increase sales

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Phone and Tablet Apps

Mobile Applications

Empower your employees with Insight’s mobile app. Allow them to look up their schedules at home or to quickly review client notes at the chair or booth. Available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

  • Book, edit, and cancel appointments
  • View and edit client information including notes and formulas
  • Check-in clients and add their pictures from your tablet

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Credit Card Integration

Speed up the payment process by accepting credit cards directly through Insight! We have joined forces with industry leaders in payment processing to create fast, efficient and affordable integrated payment solutions. From initial set-up through on-going operation and troubleshooting, we simplify the process of accepting card payments so your business operates more efficiently and more profitably.

  • Fully certified in EMV (Chip & PIN)
  • PCI and PA-DSS compliant

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QuickBooks Integration


Save time spent on data entry or report printing. Insight is integrated with the most popular accounting software in the world, giving you instant access to hundreds of business reports. Using QuickBooks also offers extra business planning tools tailored to your business.

  • Reduce accounting/bookkeeping costs
  • Eliminate data entry errors by posting directly from Insight to QuickBooks
  • Track sales, assets, liabilities, and expenses
  • Easy step-by-step guide to setting up and linking your QuickBooks and Insight accounts


Single Location

Use multiple computers to quickly get more done!

  • Reduce wait times with multiple points for check-in and payment
  • Manage the business from the office without interfering with the client experience

Multi-Location and Franchises

Operate several locations with Insight!

  • Maintain one client database with a global loyalty program
  • Allow staff to move between locations
  • View reports for separate or multiple locations



Gift Cards

Grow your business with beautiful, quality gift cards to reflect your brand. Build awareness and attract new customers. Improve cash flow and sales. Increase loyalty by offering incentives and engaging clients.

  • No processing fees
  • Pre-designed and custom gift cards

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We built Insight to be as accessible as possible – in every way.

This means making it compatible with the right computer or mobile device for you. All you need is at least one computer with the following:

Computer Requirements:


  • Intel Atom Processor (or better)
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10*
  • 512 MB Ram (more is always better)
  • 100 MB Free space on your hard drive


  • 2.0 GHz Pentium Dual Core Processor (or better)
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10*
  • 2 GB Ram (more is always better)
  • 250 MB Free space on your hard drive

*Windows Vista, 7, 8 or, 10 is required for PCI compliance.

Network Server Requirements:

  • 2.6 GHz Pentium Dual or Quad Core Processor
  • Windows 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2011 or Server 2012^
  • 3 GB Ram (more is always better)
  • 500 MB Free space on your hard drive

^Windows Server 2008, 2011, or 2012 is required for PCI compliance.

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Server & Network Info

For fast, secure and reliable database access over small and large networks, we use server software called Advantage Database Server (ADS).

Heard of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server?

Take away the hefty price tag and complicated setup, and you’ve got ADS.

ADS can be installed in a matter of minutes and will work quietly in the background on your main server computer ensuring that Insight is running safely and optimally over your network…whether you have 2 computers or 200.


Advantage is licensed on a per computer basis and each license costs only $200. Compared to most of our competitors who are charging $300 or more for each computer, it is easy to see that choosing Insight with the Advantage Database Server for your network is a great bargain.


Data Integrity.

Before products like ADS, all of the computers on your network accessed your files at the same time so if one machine was turned off or rebooted while performing a task, the chances of file corruption were very high.

ADS removes this risk by allowing each computer to communicate with the ADS server individually. If a computer is restarted while Insight is running, your data is safe and secure because ADS is protecting it.


Since ADS is doing all of the work for each of the other computers, there is a lot less information to transmit to each computer over your network (cable or wireless). Insight is much faster when using ADS. Most networks slow down as you add more and more computers but ADS will be able to provide the same speed for both small and large networks.

Find out how an Insight network server can increase businesses productivity. Call 1-888-919-5841 or book a consultation.

*All prices are in US Dollars and are subject to change. Please verify prices with your sales rep at the time of ordering. All sales are final.

Insight Software has all the tools for your business to reach its full potential. Increase appointment bookings, reach new and existing clients, manage your staff, optimize retail sales, and complete payment transactions.

For over 20 years, we have helped businesses grow from a wide range of industries. We understand the challenges that they face and have overcome them. Regardless of your business type or size, Insight is the solution for you:

Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry

From hair and nail salons to barber shops and more, Insight will save you time and money.

Increase appointments with online booking and reduce no shows with automated appointment confirmations. Increase retail sales with inventory tracking and ordering and sales reminders. Develop employees and increase retention by identifying strengths and areas of improvement. See features.


Day Spa & Medi-Spa

From a simple massage to full beauty and health treatments, Insight will help you and the client to relax.

Simplify your appointment booking process with online booking and automatic room allocation. Track client preferences and service/product histories to provide the optimal client experience. Bring them back for more with automated email and SMS marketing. See features.

Day Spa & Medi-Spa

Tanning Salon

Tanning Salon

Whether you have one bed or operate a full-service tanning salon, Insight provides all you need for maximum efficiency.

Insight offers resource management to control the configuration and set up of each bed for optimal performance. Manage all beds using T-Max Timers, change bulbs in time with regular notifications, and receive status messages when beds are ready or require cleaning. Customize packages by minutes or sessions or offer unlimited packages with an expiration date. Read more.


Tattoo Studio

If you are a solo tattoo artist, a body piercer or a studio owner with a single location to multiple locations, Insight Software will take the stress off of running your business. Focus on what you love to do – your artwork!

Book appointments, manage clients, inventory, employees and more all in one place.  Integrated marketing and loyalty programs keep customers coming back to you and reduce no-shows.  Accept deposits, track artist payouts, client photos, automate aftercare instructions and more. Read more.

picture frame_tattoo

Multi-Location & Franchises

Multi-Location & Franchises

From a single location business to one with hundreds of locations, Insight has the power to manage your business.

Running multiple locations is simple with Insight. From anywhere, run single and multi-location reports, manage all your inventory, move staff between locations, and create a consistent brand image with automated marketing communications. Give clients the same personalized service at each location and increase customer retention with a single database and a global loyalty rewards system. Find out more.

Chair/Booth Renter

Easily manage your appointments, clients, and sales with confidence, professionalism, and Insight.

Running a business in someone else’s facility can have its limitations, so wow your clients with Insight Software! Use the same powerful resource that is behind some large, multi-location salons. We know that your time is limited, so save it with automated marketing, automatic appointment confirmations, and online booking. Learn more.

Salon Management Chair Booth Renter

pet_picture frame

Pet Services

From mobile dog trainers to small veterinary clinics to multi-location pet grooming franchises, Insight Software has the power to streamline your pet business.

Schedule appointments, send marketing and confirmation messages to clients, process payments, and run performance reports. Track pet details including service histories, allergies, and vaccination information. Store photos to jog your memory and recreate styles! Read more.


Other Businesses

Run your unique business with a customized Insight Software solution.

We have helped numerous businesses turn their dreams into reality, including daycares, medical clinics, retail stores and schools.  From appointment scheduling and client relationship management to tracking inventory and collecting payment, Insight Software has got you covered.

Contact our sales team to discuss your business needs.

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