Insight for Tanning Salons and Spas


Appointment Calendar

Quickly schedule tanning sessions. Conveniently allow clients to book appointments online with any smartphone, tablet, or computer.  

Tanning Booth Timer

T-Max Timer

  • Manage your tanning beds or booths with T-Max Timer through Insight. Set maximum tan durations, lead in times, clean up times, and cool down times.

staff-scheduling-whiteCustomer Management

  • Get insights on your clients! Track details and run reports on data including purchase and service histories, birthdays, referrals, loyalty points, and more.  

tanning bed status alert

Status Notifications

Always know the status of your tanning equipment. Receive alerts when tanning beds need to be cleaned or if they require new bulbs. 

Marketing & Confirmations

Fill your appointment book with Insight’s automated marketing system. Confirm tanning sessions and send special offers via email or SMS text messages.

payment-integration-whitePoint of Sale

  • Keep tabs on the performance of your business! Analyze data including services performed, retail sales, employee performance, and more. Integrate with QuickBooks for even more detailed reports.

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