Insight’s Dedication to Our Clients

Our Commitment to Customer Service

January 11, 2017

Insight Team - Head Office

For 25 years, we have been–and continue to be–devoted solely to the success of spas and salons around the world. We have seen the beauty industry grow and develop over time, with shifts in technology and customer behavior.

We understand the challenges from renting a booth all the way to managing a multi-location operation. More importantly, we have overcome these challenges and have provided salons and spas with a cornerstone to become successful.

Management Software

Insight Salon & Spa Software has a simple and user-friendly interface packed with features from appointment booking, client and employee management, marketing tools, business reports, inventory management, payroll, and more. In addition, Insight offers innovative tools including mobile apps, online appointment booking, SMS marketing, and QuickBooks integration.

Beyond the Software

Have there been times when you were able to utilize only a small portion of a software’s capability? Or have you struggled with understanding reports and how they can be applied to improving your business? As an Insight client, stop worrying about these things! Our support team will teach you to get the most out the software and to understand how it all integrates with your business.

Insight’s philosophy was recently featured in Salon Today:

“The latest ‘tool’ to empower salons and spas is…a philosophy of expert coaching and exceptional customer service. Great technology is useless unless you know how to best use it to grow your unique business… We focus on personal engagement with all our clients to guide them in utilizing that technology to achieve their specific objectives. Expert guidance is the difference between surviving and thriving.”

Don’t settle for a software solution that is geared towards multiple industries and gives you little thought. You deserve the best! Insight focuses on you and is always by your side.

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