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How to use the account system

How to enable the accounts feature #

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Click System Setup.
  3. Under the Defaults tab, click Client Accounts.

  4. Click Edit, then Enable Client Accounts and adjust any options that apply.

    • When Adding a New Client Automatically Enable Accounts – Turns on accounts for any client you add to the system in the future.
    • Maximum Account Balance – Sets the default account max per client.
    • I want to… allows you to enable or disable the account feature for all of your clients at once.
    • Account Balance Popup – Allows you to pick when Insight informs you that clients have an amount on their account.
    • Account Balance Options – Lets you choose when the pop up happens.


How to make a deposit/payment to a client account #

Note: The account option needs to be enabled for the client in their client file under Clients Screen > Details Tab before this can be done.

  1. Click on the Sales button (May be under More…)
  2. Select the client you want to make the payment for from the left side.
  3. Once the client is showing as the Paying Client, click Actions.
  4. Click Account Payment.
  5. Click the Make an Account Payment button.
  6. Enter the amount the client will be paying.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click Finish and select the payment method.
  9. Click Finish again.


How to use an account balance/deposit to pay for something #

  1. Go to the Sales Screen or click Go To Invoice when finishing a booked appointment.
  2. Pick the Client (if required).
  3. Pick the Service or Product (if required).
  4. Click the Payment button.
  5. Click Other and choose Account.
  6. Enter the amount and click Add.
  7. Finish it like any other invoice.

Note: If the Account option is missing, it’s possibly disabled under Setup > System Setup > Defaults tab > Sales. There is a section in that area where accepted pay types are set.


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