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How to add a logo to receipts (only works on full page receipts)

  1. Be sure your printer is set to Desktop Printer under Setup > System Setup > Printing & Hardware and set your Printer Name drop-down to a printer that can printer a letter or A4 sized document.desktop printer logo
  2. Click Edit to change those, and Save to save those changes if needed.
  3. Save your chosen logo as a JPG file. The optimal image size is 189 x 62 pixels.
  4. Rename the JPG file to ReceiptLogoLrg.jpg
  5. Move the JPG file to the same file directory as the Insight executable.
  6. Reprint an invoice to see how to logo shows up. If it’s on the receipt but mis-aligned, it may need to be resized closer to the size given above.

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