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How to back up and restore

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Note: Insight Cloud backs up automatically, this is not required on the cloud.

How to backup #

  1. If you have a way to transfer files from one computer to another, get it ready and plug it in/log in. (ex. a USB drive, a cloud drive like dropbox, etc.)
  2. Make sure Insight is only running on 1 computer.
  3. Click on Utilities. (may be under More…)
  4. Click on Data Utilities.
  5. Click on Backup.
  6. If it prompts to backup online click Yes If you are just backing up, the backup should complete and you are done.
    But, If you are planning to move to a brand new computer click No and move on to the next step.
  7. Select the USB drive as the save location of the backup, or save to the desktop if you plan to move it to a cloud drive. It should save as a file called
  8. Click OK

IMPORTANT: Do not leave your backup on the same computer as Insight is installed on if you want to use the backup when/if the computer goes down.


How to restore #

  1. Have your USB drive or cloud storage ready on the computer you want to restore to and make sure it has a recent file from Insight on it.
  2. Get the Insight installer by logging in here:
    • You username and password should be your email address and serial number listed under the Company Info area in your working copy of Insight. (Found in Setup > Company Info). If you can’t run Insight please call support.
    • It would be best to write the serial number down as it’s used as the restore password as well.
  3. Install Insight on the new computer. (Note: Not compatible with Mac OS)
  4. Run Insight
  5. Click on Utilities
  6. Click on Data Utilities
  7. Click on Restore
  8. Click OK on the Warning that appears if it’s a new Insight install or you are sure you aren’t overwriting anything.
  9. Click Choose Backup. It will ask you to find the file on your computer. If it’s on the USB drive or a cloud drive, it would be easiest to drag the zipped file to the Desktop. If you have Online Backups you can also pick the newest online backup on this screen.
  10. Click Restore.
  11. Enter the restore password. (The password is the serial number described in step 2)
  12. It will prompt you to confirm the date of the backup, click OK if the date is correct.
  13. Click Restore again.
  14. When the restore completes you may get a prompt about Quickbooks, if you are overwriting data we recommend selecting Ignore restored information unless you are setting up a completely new computer.

If, at any point, you run into an issue please call our support department for assistance at 1-800-805-4532.


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