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How to fix a product having an incorrect On Order amount

Table of Contents

Fix 1 #

  1. Go to Products, then Retail Products.
  2. Select any product.
  3. Right click where it says Stock and Ordering Information, you will get the option to Fix On Order Amounts.
  4. Click Fix On Order Amounts.
  5. Test to see if the order order amount still exists, if it does, move to Fix 2.

Fix 2 #

  1. Go to Products, then Purchase Orders.
  2. Set your Sort By drop-down to Order Status.
  3. Void or Receive any old purchase orders that were left from a long time ago. They most likely have the product on that order.
    • Note: If the order is in receiving status, the only way to get rid of it is to set all of the Order Amts to 0 and receive the purchase order. If the order amts are 0, then it won’t adjust your on hand counts.
  4. Once those old purchase orders are voided or received, check the On Order amount on your product again. It should be resolved.



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