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How to move files/pictures to Insight Cloud

On Windows

  1. Log in to your Insight.
  2. Minimize the Insight screen.
  3. Find the file you want on your computer, right click the file and click Copy.
  4. Maximize the Insight screen.
  5. Find and double click the icon on the Insight desktop that says Computer or This PC.
  6. Double click on the Network location that looks like your company name and serial number. (ex. MySalon01234)
  7. You can then paste this file anywhere in this network location by one of two ways:
    1. Go to Organize then click Paste.
    2. Go to Home then click Paste.
  8. Then you go to load your logo or email attachment in Insight, you navigate to the same place. (This PC/Computer, MySalon01234 network location, then your pasted file)

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