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How to set up and use a T-Max Manager with Insight

How to set up the manager #

  1. Plug the T-Max manager into your Windows computer.
  2. Install the drivers that came with the device. Or go to to find the driver that applies to your adapter.
  3. Check which port the device installed on by going to Device Manager
    • To get to device manager go to the Start button, then type Device Manager and hit Enter.
  4. Find the COM port the device is installed as, it will either be listed as Communications Port or Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port
  5. Write the port down.
  6. Run Insight
  7. Navigate to Setup (may be under More), then System Setup.
  8. Click on the Printing & Hardware tab.
  9. Click Other on the left side.
  10. Click Edit.
  11. Turn on the Tanning Timer Manager, and set the COM Port in the drop down.
  12. Click Save.
  13. If installed correctly the Timer Monitor button will appear and say No Alerts


How to set up beds to use the T-Max manager #

  1. Run Insight
  2. Click Setup (may be under More), then Setup Areas, then Tanning Bed Setup.
  3. Select the bed that you want to be controlled by the timer.
  4. Click Edit Bed.
  5. Check Controlled by Timer and set the Timer # to correspond with the plug that bed is using on your T-Max.
  6. Click Save.

Note: At the end of every tanning sale there will now be a pop-up asking if you want to start the bed.


T-Max Manager Status #

This button will have a few different statuses and colors depending on the T-Max Manager status.

  • Red – A Bed needs cleaning.
  • Green – A Bed is available for someone waiting.
  • Grey – Initializing or No Alerts.
  • Blinking Purple – COM Port Error (setup issue)

To get to the bed status screen (pictured below), double click the Timer Monitor button.

Start Session – Starts the session for a waiting client.
Edit Minutes – Adjust the minutes for a selected client.
Remove From List – Removes a waiting client from the list.

There are also some options under the Actions button to control the bed status.
Stop Session – Stop the tanning bed session.
Mark as Clean – Set the bed status as Clean.
Change time – Change the time left on the bed status.
Test Bed – Test to see if a bed can be run by the timer.


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