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How to update Thinstuff (For Remote Desktop)

Warning: This process does require a computer reboot to complete. Only do this if you have time to reboot.

  1. Go to from your main computer. Download that file.
  2. The file should save into your downloads folder. (Go to Start and type %userprofile%\downloads)
  3. Double-click the latest ThinstuffXPVSServer file.
  4. Double-click the ThinstuffXPVSServer application file that opens on the screen.
  5. Click Run
  6. Click Yes to allow the program to install if prompted.
  7. Click OK to select your install language.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click I Agree.
  10. Click Next 2 more times.
  11. Select None. I do already have a valid license. Then click Next.
  12. Click Next again.
  13. Click Install.
  14. Once the install completes, get ready to reboot your computer by saving anything you have open and click Finish.
  15. Let your computer reboot completely. Thinstuff is now up-to-date.

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