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Remote Access Troubleshooting

Solution 1 – Update Thinstuff #

Follow the steps on how to update the Thinstuff program here:

How to update Thinstuff (For Remote Desktop)

Then test your remote access.

Solution 2 – Windows Firewall #

  1. Go to Start or Windows button on your main computer and type Windows Firewall.
  2. Select Windows Firewall or Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. If there is a message saying that the firewall is managed by a different program (ex. McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, etc), STOP now and go to the next solution.
  4. Click Advanced Settings on the left side.
  5. Click Inbound Rules.
  6. Click New Rule…
  7. Select Port and click Next.
  8. Type 3389 into the Specific local ports box and click Next.
  9. Click Next 2 more times.
  10. Type Remote Port into the Name box and click Finish.
  11. Try running Insight on one of your workstations.

Solution 3 – 3rd Party Firewall #

Refer to your 3rd party firewall documentation on how to open a port. Allow TCP port 3389 to connect to your main computer.

Here’s a few common ones:





Note: These adjustments only have to be made to the main Insight computer.

Note: If none of these work please call support. Your port may be something that is not the typical TCP 3389 and may require more technical knowledge of your individual setup to resolve.



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