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Insight’s advanced features can take your business to the next level of success.

Online Appointment Booking

(Included with Insight on the Cloud)

Improve client experience and fill up your schedule with a live, real-time online scheduling system. Once the appointment request is submitted, it is automatically entered into your appointment book.

  • Allow clients to book directly from any device whenever they want
  • Control which clients, services and employees can be booked online
  • Eliminate the need to step away from clients to answer the phone

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Online Appointment Booking
Remote Access

Remote Access

(Included with Insight on the Cloud)
Running a business does not mean you always have to be there. Manage your salon or spa from anywhere without any interruption to staff logged in from the business. Access your appointment book, employee schedules, inventory counts, sales data, and everything else.

  • Unchain yourself from the front desk
  • Access updated sales data, schedules, etc.
  • Easily print reports & allow your accountant to log-in

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Online Backups

(Included with Insight on the Cloud)

Protect your business from fires, floods, thefts, or any other disasters. Prevent data loss and corruption with regular, automatic backups to an off-site location. Once it is set up, you can have the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

  • Save all data including appointments, client and employee information, financial records, and more
  • Set it and forget it – backup will run automatically
  • Encrypt and secure in a world-class data center

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Software Online Backups
Software Memberships


Create, sell, and manage membership plans to promote ongoing client loyalty and recurring revenue! Stay in control with the power and flexibility of Insight Memberships!

  • Set plan durations from one month to ongoing (until cancelled)
  • Select benefits including free services, purchase credits, and/or discounts
  • Sell multi-client or family memberships with tiered pricing and separate or shared benefits
  • Accept upfront payment or set up a recurring billing cycle
  • Restrict redemption usage

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SMS Text Messaging

Nurture client relationships with true SMS text messaging. Send a short and quick message to reduce no shows and increase rebookings! Increase customer loyalty by showing you care.

  • Reach your clients effectively with a 98% open rate
  • Confirm appointments and offer special deals
  • Show your appreciation and get feedback with an appointment follow up
  • Increase sales

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SMS Text Messaging
Mobile Apps

Mobile Applications

Empower your employees with Insight’s mobile app. Allow them to look up their schedules at home or to quickly review client notes at the chair or booth. Available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

  • Book, edit, and cancel appointments
  • View and edit client information including notes and formulas
  • Check-in clients and add their pictures from your tablet

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Credit Card Integration

Speed up the payment process by accepting credit cards directly through Insight! We have joined forces with industry leaders in payment processing to create fast, efficient and affordable integrated payment solutions. From initial set-up through on-going operation and troubleshooting, we simplify the process of accepting card payments so your business operates more efficiently and more profitably.

  • Fully certified in EMV (Chip & PIN)
  • PCI and PA-DSS compliant

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Credit Card Integration
QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration

Save time spent on data entry or report printing. Insight is integrated with the most popular accounting software in the world, giving you instant access to hundreds of business reports. Using QuickBooks also offers extra business planning tools tailored to your business.

  • Reduce accounting/bookkeeping costs
  • Eliminate data entry errors by posting directly from Insight to QuickBooks
  • Track sales, assets, liabilities, and expenses
  • Easy step-by-step guide to setting up and linking your QuickBooks and Insight accounts


Single Location

Use multiple computers to quickly get more done!

  • Reduce wait times with multiple points for check-in and payment
  • Manage the business from the office without interfering with the client experience

Multi-Location and Franchises

Operate several locations with Insight!

  • Maintain one client database with a global loyalty program
  • Allow staff to move between locations
  • View reports for separate or multiple locations
Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Grow your business with beautiful, quality gift cards to reflect your brand. Build awareness and attract new customers. Improve cash flow and sales. Increase loyalty by offering incentives and engaging clients.

  • No processing fees
  • Pre-designed and custom gift cards

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