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Credit Card Processing

Why Process Through Insight?


Save time by processing credit cards through Insight!

  • Reduce input errors as Insight communicates directly with the payment terminal
  • Run recurring payments for memberships


Securely process payments, keep cardholder data safe, and minimize the occurrence of credit card fraud.

  • PCI and PA-DSS compliant
  • EMV (chip-and-pin) transactions

Cost Effectiveness

Increase sales while minimizing transaction costs!

  • No processing fee through Insight
  • Competitive rates with Insight’s partnering merchants

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Why Accept Credit Cards?

Many small businesses, especially salons and spas, have been slow to accept credit card payments. However, paying with cash is increasingly rare as 49% of Americans carry less than $20 in cash. Instead, more people prefer to pay by credit card (35%) or debit card (43%).

As a business owner, you benefit by allowing clients to pay via credit card. Beyond the satisfaction of paying with their preferred method, credit card transactions tend to have a higher transaction value. This is especially true when you are upselling add-on services or recommending retail products as consumers are more impulsive when using a credit card and not confined by the amount of cash they are carrying.

Sources: Bankrate,, EMVCo, Nerdwallet

Credit Card Integration
Credit Card

About EMV (Chip-and-Pin)

EMV is a technical standard designed to authenticate cardholders (most often by entering a pin) in order to securely process payments and store cardholder or transaction data.

The technology has been adopted globally with EMV transactions making up 88% of credit card payments (excludes online transactions) in Canada and over 97% in some European countries. While it is relatively new to the US market, its use has grown by 15% from 2014 to 2015 and is expected to continue to grow due to the recent liability shift in the United States.

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