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Text Messages

Text Messaging for Salons & Spas

Stay in contact with clients to book more appointments, increase spending, andreduce no shows! There are many ways to utilize SMS for your business:

  • Appointment Reminders & Confirmations
  • Last Minute Appointment Openings
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Client Feedback & Engagement
Text Messaging for Salons & Spas

Why Insight?

Insight Software allows you to send true SMS messages, unlike other software programs who send emails to cellphones. To save time and reduce phone calls, Insight will also receive your replies and mark appointments as confirmed. Whether you schedule campaigns, automate reminders, or send individual messages manually, Insight will help you stay connected with clients!

Insight SMS Packages

Purchase text messaging credits in bulk or subscribe to Insight Deluxe Cloud to get them included with your monthly subscription.

Call 1-888-919-5841 or contact us to start sending text messages with Insight!

Why Text Clients?

Text messages are a quick and convenient method to get information to your customers. Take a look at some statistics below to see why you should start sending text messages!

Text Messaging Statistics

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