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Insight is the appointment scheduling & business management software for your tanning salon, regardless if you are a small business with one tanning bed or a large franchise with numerous locations.

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Appointment Calendar

Quickly schedule tanning sessions. Conveniently allow clients to book appointments online with any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

T-Max Timer

Manage your tanning beds or booths with T-Max Timer through Insight. Set maximum tan durations, lead in times, clean up times, and cool down times.

Customer Management

Get insights on your clients! Track details and run reports on data including purchase and service histories, birthdays, referrals, loyalty points, and more.

Status Notifications

Always know the status of your tanning equipment. Receive alerts when tanning beds need to be cleaned or if they require new bulbs.

Marketing & Confirmations

Fill your appointment book with Insight’s automated marketing system. Confirm tanning sessions and send special offers via email or SMS text messages.

Point of Sale

Keep tabs on the performance of your business! Analyze data including services performed, retail sales, employee performance, and more. Integrate with QuickBooks for even more detailed reports.

Tanning Bed

Tanning Management Software

Tanning Beds, Marketing, Point of Sale, and More

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Insight Tanning Management Software Tanning Services set up

Tanning Services

Insight allows for all types of specialized tanning services to allow total flexibility for any business providing UV or spray tanning services.

Tanning Packages

Set up all your tanning packages based on number of minutes, number of sessions or unlimited. Packages can be set to expire whenever you choose or not at all.

Insight Software Management Tanning Packages Screen Shot
Tanning Package Redemption

Tanning Packages

Track remaining sessions or minutes, plus sell & redeem tanning packages with ease!

Tanning Bed Setup

Insight tracks each beds bulb life and also allows for beds linked to T-Max Timers to be set up and controlled from the front desk.

Insight Software Tanning Bed Setup Management
Insight Software Tanning Management System

Wait List

Easily monitor the status of all your beds being controlled by the T-Max Manager through Insight. You can see all the beds that require cleaning and also view clients waiting for specific beds.


Run tanning-specific or business-wide reports to analyze performance, identify strengths, and find areas for growth.

Tanning Package Report

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