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We have provided business management software and advice to the beauty industry for over 25 years.

We have been involved in the growth and development of salons and spas, ranging from chair renters to multi-location corporations in Canada, the United States, and around the world. Over the years, we have witnessed the challenges that many of these businesses have faced, and we have been dedicated to helping them not only overcome them but to thrive.

With Insight, we look to provide our clients with the latest technology, innovative tools, and expert guidance. Take your salon or spa to the next level by checking out some of our articles! Thanks for visiting the Insight Salon & Spa Software Blog.

Marketing & Sales

Improve the client experience, build client loyalty, and attract new customers.

Increase your salon or spa’s revenues with these marketing and retailing tips. Learn to reach existing and potential clients more effectively, to increase service bookings, and to sell more products and gift cards. Give your business a boost today!

Helpful receptionist and front desk
Mobile Apps


Simplify processes, engage staff, and improve efficiency.

Running a salon or spa can be difficult. Business owners & managers need a diverse skill set: social, leadership, business sense, decision making, etc. Check out these tips to run your business effectively and efficiently and to get more out of your employees.

Insight Software

Reach your salon or spa’s full potential with Insight Salon & Spa Software.

Take a deeper dive into the features of Insight, and find out how it will revolutionize your business. Tips on appointment booking, inventory management, marketing, and more. Also, learn what to look for in salon management software.

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